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The Anesthesiology Department at Orchid Medicity provides a wide range of services and treatments to patients in need of anaesthesia, pain management, and critical care. Our experienced team of anesthesiologists, and critical care specialists provide with the help of advanced technology and expertise ensure the safest and most effective treatments for our patients. Our anaesthesiologist meets with the patient before the surgery to make a detailed analysis of the health conditions and specific requirements to administer the right anaesthetic intervention for the procedure. The doctors make sure that no injuries, side effects, or any form of pain are caused to the patient during the procedure. The department is equipped with modern equipment and medical support for anaesthesia, pain management, and critical care. We offer a variety of services, including general, regional, local and monitored anaesthesia, sedation for various surgical procedures, post-surgical pain management, and suggested interventions for recovery and care. Our facilities are designed to meet the highest level of patient safety and comfort. Our team of doctors provides comprehensive and personalised care to each patient. We strive to give a comfortable and safe environment for all patients and families and to ensure that patients feel at ease before and after critical surgery. 

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Dr. M. Thomas Abraham

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